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"We highly recommend the professional services of Photosecure. Photosecure documentation will give you a detailed description of your property, independent proof of ownership and important evidence of value" - Mr Karl Armstrong, Executive General Manager, NZI


Up to 15 items


Up to 30 items


Up to 50 items

Annual Storage Fee

$52.00 - Includes the secure storage of your records in a maximum security vault and the retrieval of information to support any Insurance claim or Police report during that year.

Video Scan

$185.00 - Up to 8 main rooms
$135.00 - When combined with any photography package above.

* Main Centres only. Rural locations may incur a nominal travel fee.

Valuation of Antiques and Artworks

webbs 3In partnership with Webb's, New Zealand’s leading auction house and valuer, Photosecure can provide a convenient valuation service for your valuable artworks and antiques. The high quality of Photosecure documentation enables Webb's to provide a full written valuation report. Further details and pricing of this important valuation service is available on request