The reasons to Photosecure your life are easy to understand,
Photosecure gives you...

  • Independent proof of ownership and a detailed description of your property.
  • Photosecure photographs can be used for valuation purposes providing important evidence of value.
  • Easy identification of lost, damaged or stolen property
  • A prompt, accurate, stress free claim settlement
  • Reduced excess, premiums and other Insurance rewards from participating companies
  • Permanent secure storage of your file away from your home.
  • Automatic registration in the New Zealand Police crime prevention program, Operation SNAP.
  • Professional security qualified insurance photographers who can advise you on your photography requirements.

Photosecure, providing a nationwide evidential photography service since January 2000

Owned and operated by the “1999 New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year”, Photosecure is a member of the New Zealand Security Association as well as the Evidence Photographers International Council. This ensures that all photographs taken by your professional security qualified Photosecure photographer will meet the stringent standards of quality and detail required for evidence and valuation purposes.

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