It's easy to safeguard your precious belongings with Photosecure

It starts with four simple steps that record and store the information you need. Information that will help ensure that your claims progress quickly and smoothly, with the minimum of hassle.

Here's how it works...


Our highly professional insurance photographers will help you to select the items to be photographed and aid with accompanying documentation.


They’ll photograph the valuable items in your home and record serial numbers and identification details of all photographed items. Any receipts or valuations will also be photographed free of charge.


Photosecure will then safely and securely store all customer files in a maximum security data vault with encrypted database storage and stringent security controls.


You will be sent an itemised inventory and image summary report along with your Photosecure policy number for future reference.

Should you need to make an insurance claim or Police report all you need to do is give Photosecure a call. We will immediately retrieve your file and send the requested information to you or your insurance company within 24 hours.

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